Bachelor parties, or stag parties, in the UK seem to be becoming increasingly elaborate.

It started off with just going out for drinks, then people started to go abroad to places like Las Vegas and Benidorm in Spain, and now gents are staying at home and spending a fortune. Last weekend, I had a group of gents who had arranged stay in a hotel, and more or less booked the entire hotel. They were not happy with just that, they wanted more and I ended up getting Lewisham escorts involved. It was really complicated but I know that they had fun.

Now, I have another request for a bachelor party at a hotel which is going to include an overnight stay, and I have suggested that we get some party girls from Lewisham escorts. The gents loved the idea, and just jumped at the chance. The agency is delighted and I have asked for many of the same girls to come along. It will be an enormous affair, and is going to cost a fortune. I am not sure where the original idea came from, but it would not surprise me, if it came from the United States.

It is so popular to date escorts in the United States, and the girls at Lewisham escorts from, have been telling me all about it. In the United States, it sound like dating escorts is a bit of a lifestyle choice, and I can see where people are coming from. When I briefly looked in on the party last weekend, it looked like everybody was having a lot of fun, and I am sure that I would have enjoyed it as well. The truth is that I am a bit on the shy side, and the thought of having around with really hot girls, does scare the life out of me.

When I arranged the date with Lewisham escorts, I did not even know that there was so many escorts agencies around. Well, I did not even know where to find escorts at first as escorts agencies do not advertise locally. I ended up going through the Internet, and I cam across lots of agencies in London. There are VIP and elite escorts services, but I am not so sure what the difference is between all of these different agencies that operate in the area.

The girls who turned up from Lewisham escorts, were not what I expected at all. I thought they were going to be cheap tarts but they all looked like regular girls who were going out for a wild time on town. The hotel staff did not suspect a thing, and thought that the girls from the agency were regular girlfriends. This is why I don’t mind arranging another party just the same. If only hotel staff knew what was really going on, they would probably be a bit surprised, but never mind. After all, this is a job, and the girls from the agency seem to know their profession inside and out.

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